Tuesday, June 2, 2015

6 Awesome Plus-size Bloggers with Online Closet Stores

Here at Taylor Phoenix & Company we believe that making your wardrobe pay is for just about everyone. Some of us just don't want to start a whole store to get the word out. You wouldn't believe how much effort that takes. That's the whole reason we created this market place, just for you. But you aren't the only one reselling your sexy hot pre-owned fashion. Check out these Awesome 6 plus-size bloggers  with closet stores online. Although the stores may not be full everyday, when they are, you're sure to find some amazing and inspiring pieces for a great deal.

The Je ne sais quoi | This Southern Bell has an awesome blog and gives the "T" on just about anything style, personal or otherwise on her blog The Jenesaisquoi. You can also find her on FB, Instagram, and twitter. Check out her closet Sale!

Cuvy Girl Chic| Meet Allison, serial shopaholic and blogger behind Curvy Girl Chic. As you can imagine as a shopaholic her closet can get pretty full. Check in periodically to see what she has in... Shop Curvy Girl Chic

Plus Size Beausion| Meet Chardline Chanel-Faiteau a blogger and style curator for plus-size fashion. What I find most inspiring is that she is driven to be the best woman everyday for her self, my community and readers. Shop Plus Size Beausion

Garner Style| Chastity Garner of Garner Style blog has been mentioned all over the place from the New York Times to O magazine. I love seeing her celebrity style captures. But what few people know is she has a sweet closet store which offers a wide variety of options. Plus you get to play dress up like a plus-style celebrity. Check out Garner's Shop. 

Girl with Curves| Catch Tenesha Awasthi wearing and styling anything from classic and vintage designs to current trends. She is always fresh and flirty and in 2013 decided to launch her own fashion line. Take a look in her shop and be inspired.

Inside Allies World| Allie is a professional reporter, producer, author, model, designer, correspondent and blogger, When she has the time, she shares her closet with the world. Check out her store, Shop Allies World

Share the love yall! I hope you will check in with these ladies to read about their fashion advice, trend news, and find a few pieces. 


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