Monday, July 27, 2015

Plus-size Fashion Skim| July 2015

There is big news going on right now in the plus-size fashion community get the scoop. 

You’re right on Target | Target has done it again, by enlisted the assistance of Gabi Greg, Nicolette Mason, and Chasity Garner in creating the fall season of their new plus-size brand Ava+Viv. To find out more from Racked
Who says no to a share of $9 billion? | Business insider published an article this week on retailers choosing to stay out of the $9 billion plus-size game. Although there are still so many jumping on board, my question still remains, why would we want to purchase close from retailers that don’t really care about our size and fit? If they don’t care now, just imagine how unthoughtful their plus-size line would be when it does exist. Read more from Business Insider
Big Boys need Self-Love too | After Sean O'Brien made his big dance splash earlier this year a few people have been asking the question, why isn’t there a male plus-size movement? I mean they do cuddle better. Plus their market is growing every year at the same rate as the women’s plus size market. See what Huffington Post has to say. 
Let thy closet runneth over| With all these new clothing options! Next month Melissa McCarthy will open her new plus-size line for the world to wear. We’ve been reading a lot of information these last few months but what I found most interesting is that she was a fashion school dropout like me! Read more from

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