Tuesday, June 16, 2015

Hello June 2015

Last Month TPC launched it's extension store on Ebay called the Taylor Phoenix & Co. Extension. This store was created to assist our personal consignment clients in selling their preowned fashion pieces, not matter what the size. Please pop-in, right now we are featuring some classic pieces from Miss M.Brown and Cat's Closet.

We've also been scouting around to find you fashionable deals and steals by ladies who know what plus size fashion is all about.

Plus-size Bloggers with resale Stores

The Consignment Maven wants you to know about every place you can find wonderfully priced pre-owned fashion. We all know that TPC isn't the only place out there. A number of fashion and beauty bloggers have their own closet stores and indie designs too. I can't think of anything more inspiring. Check out these sweet closet collections. 

The Je ne sais quoi 

This Southern Bell has an awesome blog and gives the "T" on just about anything personal or otherwise on her blog The Jenesaisquoi. You can also find her on FB, Instagram, and twitter.Check out her closet Sale! 

Chastity Garner

of Garner Style blog has been mentioned all over the place from the New York Times to O magazine. I love seeing her celebrity style captures. But what few people know is she has a sweet closet store which offers a wide variety of options. Plus you get to play dress up like a plus-style celebrity.Check out her Shop 

Girl with Curves 

Catch Tenesha Awasthi wearing and styling anything from classic and vintage designs to current trends. She is always fresh and flirty and in 2013 decided to launch her own fashion line. Take a look in her shop and be inspired.


The Consignment Maven

Chronicling Change and Telling the Story

Over the last year my life has been moving in an interesting direction. It’s as if someone put all of my thoughts on what I knew about myself, my ambition, my gifts, my relationship, my life into a snow globe and shook them all up then told make sense of the mess. 

Membership in the Freedom Movement

Let’s just say the freedom movement isn’t without its own round of terror. I laugh as I’m writing this because being monetarily dependent solely on one’s own, when it goes against everything you’ve been taught can be terrifying.

Current Promotions

Right now earn 90% on all sold summer and spring attire.
*offer on summer clothes good until July 31, 2015
Introducing the TPC Extension, an ebay store dedicated to consignment and place to find just about anything else, in any size. Check out some of our new arrivals! 

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